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Cabinet de Médecine Esthétique
Docteur Didier DUBOIS

2 square La Fayette
49000 Angers
Doctor Dubois - Aesthetic-medical
Laser médical esthétique à Angers - Médecin esthétique Didier DUbois
Médecin esthétique : vous et votre peau
Médecine esthétique laser à Angers Actualités du médecin esthétique Didier Dubois
mésothérapie à Angers - Médecin spécialiste technique au laser Mésothérapie et médecine esthétique avec le docteur Didier Dubois

Meso cellulite The latest mesotherapy protocol dates from 2011: Mesocellulite (a registered trademark) mixes 5 draining and fibre reducing products which encourage the drainage of fat cells (adipocytes) by improving local microcirculation.A multi-centre study has been conducted... Read more
Training AMME-NO training seminar22nd March 2014Training for doctors in the west of France. As usual, the morning will be dedicated to theoretical courses and the afternoon to practical courses (workshops) with actual aesthetic practice performed on models).Dr Dubois is in... Read more
Annual AMME conference The AMME (Morphologic and aesthetic medicine association) organises its annual conference: International meeting of medicine and aesthetic dermatology, which each time, offers the opportunity to gather aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists around a... Read more
Doctor Dubois Adress

Aesthetic Medicine Practice
Doctor Dubois

2 square Lafayette
49000 Angers
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to our aesthetic medicine practice

aesthetic medicine practice with Doctor Dubois Dr DUBOIS

Situated in the heart of the town of Angers, two steps away from the train station, Dr Dubois welcomes you and advises you in his practice in order to correct your little imperfections, to make you more beautiful or to enable you to reach a true state of well-being.

 Localisez le cabinet du Docteur Didier Dubois à Angers Find the aesthetic medicine practice in Angers


Our techniques

aesthetic medicine practice with Dr Dubois

Discover all the techniques on offer to help look after you, your body and your skin to achieve a true well-being. Each correction has its own technique:

Localisez le cabinet du Docteur Didier Dubois à Angers Face, neck, neckline: Face, neck, neckline: sagging skin, wrinkles, volume or oval of the face, wrinkled skin, medical peeling, brown or red skin marks, couperose, lip or chin hair removal, hair loss, teeth whitening.

Localisez le cabinet du Docteur Didier Dubois à Angers Body: Sretch marks, cellulite, localised cellulite, overweight, laser hair removal, brown or red skin marks, small tumours.

Localisez le cabinet du Docteur Didier Dubois à Angers Pathologies accessible to mesotherapy: Pains, tendonitis, rheumatism, lower back pain, smoking, stress.

Localisez le cabinet du Docteur Didier Dubois à Angers Well-being, Better-being: nutrition and dietetics, anti-ageing, ageing prevention, longevity. 

Les techniques de médecine esthétique laser du Docteur Dubois
Médecine esthétique spécialiste de mésothérapie


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