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Dietetics - Nutrition - ImmunonutritionOn our planet, a billion people suffer from malnutrition while another billion are ill from overeating. Obesity is a public health problem in France, a co-factor responsible for many diseases, disabilities and deaths. A great number of people die of it, about the equivalent of a passenger jet crashing every day.

Solutions exist to help us to better feed ourselves, and to lose our extra pounds -whether generalised or location-specific - without constraint. Cellulite is a manifestation common to women, though it is not always an indicator of excessive weight. Drainage can be facilitated by mesotherapy techniques — nearly painlessly when using fine needles or completely without pain using the IED (Intra-EpiDermal) technique. This drainage may precede a meso-dissolution of fat, which is especially well adapted to targeting isolated fat deposits. Regular physical activity is essential, and must be adapted to one’s fitness levels and life schedules.
Nutritional support provides increased awareness of the need to gradually diversify one’s diet, without a radical change in eating habits.

It is vital to restore the nutritional balance between Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s, and to ensure a diet rich in antioxidants.

Increased intestinal permeability syndrome (Leaky Gut Syndrome) may be treated simply by varying the things we eat, consuming probiotics and avoiding certain foods responsible for food intolerance, which a simple blood test can detect. This is what is known as immunonutrition. Many chronic symptoms, digestive or not —such as migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, gastric pain, diarrhea, constipation, etc— whose pathology have never been diagnosed, are often explained by these intolerances.

In France, approximately 80% of women suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Are they aware of it? Who is expressing concern over the situation? This deficiency may be directly linked to osteoporosis and to the promotion of certain cancers (colon, prostate, breast). It acts as a veritable hormone (steroid) upon many parts of the body: the intestines, bones, breasts, prostate, ovaries, lungs ... Deficiency also plays an important role in certain illnesses: diabetes, immune disorders, cardiovascular risks. And yet screening is simple, inexpensive, and reimbursed by social security. Costly treatments? A mere 3.64 € per year, which is also reimbursed by social security!

Lactose intolerance is not very well-known in France, yet it afflicts about 30% of French citizens. Here again, treatment is simple, and does not involve medication.

Treating disease is good; preventing it is even better.