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The thin meso threads mesh made of polydioxanone are simple, quick to fit, either in a linear way or using a crossing technique.

Meso thread mesh

Meso-thread is a non-invasive procedure that requires no incision. It can be performed without local anaesthetic, with a very low risk of bruising and no social exclusion for the patient.

The tensing, rejuvenating, redensificating and lifting effect is immediate and the results are durable.

The threads create a skin mesh, they dissolve in 210 days (6 to 8 months) with PDO, double with PGA or PLLA, causing a collagen stimulation which will last up to a year and a half. The tensing and redensificating of the skin thus last more than a year.

They are nothing like the tensing or barbed threads; the technique and the aim are totally different. 

withered, wrinkled skin, sagging and lacking in tonicity

Meso thread mesh

Implants areas
- face : forehead, between the eyebrows, periorbital area, perioral area, cheeks
- neck, neckline, body


The straight and flexible needles are made of special medical steel and are of high quality finish.

The sterile dissolving threads are made of polydioxanone (PDO), or PGA or PLLA. These biocompatible synthetic monofilament threads slowly dissolve by hydrolysis (in water and carbon dioxide), hence an excellent tolerance level. They comply with all requirements by European Pharmacopeia standards (EP), validated by certifications KFDA, CE 1293 and ISO 1385. Class III medical device.