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Hair loss and alopecia can be efficiently treated by mesotherapy (mesopecia).

Principles of hair loss treatment by mesotherapy:

Hair loss and alopeciaThe treatment of hair loss and alopecia by mesotherapy, called mesopecia, aims at intradermally injecting a mix of active drugs in order to stimulate the scalp, improve the seborrhoeic condition and slow down hair loss by stimulating the roots. These superficial injections are performed with a syringe on which a thin and short needle is attached, both sterile and for single-use.

Products used in scalp mesotherapy:

It consists of a nutritive and revitalizing mix of vasodilators and vitamins, stimulating the hair roots and providing them with a surplus of raw material. This triggers a faster re-growth and maintains a constant diameter to the hair.

Indication for the treatment of hair loss by mesotherapy:

It varies according to the gender and age of the patient as well as the origin of the alopecia. In a man, alopecia will be treated up to stage IV. In a woman, it will treated up to stage II, but also after  pregnancy where the treatment can significantly reduce  the intensity and the duration of the hair loss following the first few months after child birth.

Contraindication and side effects of mesopecia:

There is no contraindication or side effects to this treatment. Tolerance levels are excellent. In some undesirable effects, a skin rash has once been described by a patient after the first session but did not reoccur in the following sessions.

Frequency of mesopecia sessions:

Usually 4 sessions 1 week apart followed by 4 sessions 2 weeks apart.

For the male forms of alopecia or hormonal or genetic forms, there will be a maintenance session either each month or in a group of 3 to 4 closer together sessions twice a year.

Results of hair loss treatment by mesotherapy:

3 to 4 sessions are enough to slow down hair loss, the scalp is healthier, and shampooing is spaced out.

A reduction of hair thinning, seborrhoea and itching can be observed.

Hair quality is improved.

Three months are necessary to see a significant re-growth.

However, apart from post pregnancy cases when treatment does not need to be prolonged, stopping the treatment brings back hair loss sooner or later.

The most spectacular improvement is between Day 0 and Day 28 amongst younger patients (under 31) and continues until Day 90.

The 31-50 year olds show a progressive improvement from Day 0 to Day 60.

The 52-64 year olds show a later improvement between Day 28 and Day 60 and continue to improve until Day 90.

Practical advice for mesopecia sessions:

Wash hair the day before or the morning of the session

Do not apply any aggressive products in the 24 hours following the session (hair die…)

Bring a wide-toothed comb (to facilitate hair parting for the injections)..