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Injection of hyaluronic acid around the glans of the penis, to increase its volume and sensations. This technique is simple, quick and almost painless.


G-Spot amplification:
By hyaluronic acid, also to increase sensations during intercourse. A simple, quick and almost painless technique.


Labia majora volume increase:
Filling and plumping by hyaluronic acid. A simple, quick and almost painless technique.


Nymphoplasty = reduction of the labia minora:
Under local anaesthetic.
Indication: Hypertrophy of the labia minora. “V” or “L” technique. 
There will be a discomfort for about 3 weeks after the reduction


Hymenoplasty = hymen reconstruction:
Under local anaesthetic.


Injection of a muscle relaxant and multidisciplinary care programme.