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There is no one single mesolift, but several.

Essentially, individualized treatments will define which techniques and products are to be used. This will be based on skin type, appearance and the results desired:


The Method:

Using a fine needle, products are injected superficially along the length of wrinkles as well as over the entire surface of the face:

- Either using an electronic injection gun, which delivers SuperficiaI Intra Dermo micro-capsules in a regular and well-calibrated manner, causing very little discomfort, 
- Or using the manual method, whereby the syringe is held while injecting the micro-doses, a process better suited to treating skin irregularities
- Or using the IntraEpidermal (IED) technique, which deposits a very thin layer of product upon the skin – an even gentler process


The Product:
- Hydrating, line-filling mesolift, which uses pure, non-reticular hyaluronic acid.
- Nourishing mesolift, comprising a nutritive-rich and revitalising mixture that, depending on the patient, may include vitamins, minerals, vasodilators, amino acids and trace elements.
- A combination of the two.


Treatment schedule:
- Primary treatments: 3-4 sessions spaced 8 to 15 days apart, followed by
- Maintenance therapy: 1 session every 3 to 4 months (a total of 3 to 4 sessions)

When mesolift treatments are combined with the use of bio-thermal vitamin A acid masks – known as multivitamin mesomasks – results are maximised and enhanced. The mask is used just before the mesolift.


Results depend upon the initial symptoms. Mesolift is especially well-suited for thin, dry, dull skin; the “starved” skin of smokers; and hyperpigmentation issues. In these cases, results are spectacular — the complexion is radiant, skin regains colour, fine lines fade.


Length of a Mesolift Session:
Mesolift contains only natural products. It prevents aging of the face and improves your skin’s complexion, making it radiant. To maintain these results, follow up visits are recommended.


The Benefits of Mesolift:
Mesolift contains only natural products
. It prevents aging of the face and improves your skin’s complexion, making it radiant. To maintain these results, follow up visits are recommended.


Mesolift Pricing:
The cost of a mesolift session varies from 80 to 140 €. Should the treatment include the mesolift mask, please add 40 €.


The Mesomask:
Complement/Reinforce a mesolift with a superficial peeling via thermal mask.

The use of the thermal mask in conjunction with mesolift treatments reinforces their efficacy by accelerating the effect of the products used by way of cutaneous vasodilation. 
When the mask is used before treatment, results last longer and are more pronounced because products are better diffused, and penetrate more easily.
We prefer to use a multivitamin mask containing antioxidants and anti-free-radicals. The mesolift treatment takes place immediately after the mask to increase efficiency and penetration power.
The use of these two treatments together produces genuine rejuvenation and anti-aging effects.

Other treatments may be used after the mask, such as peels or anti-wrinkle creams.

The mask may be used:
- Alone, for its anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits (once a month)
- In conjunction with a peeling or mesolift (once every 3 months) for its potentiating effect (see kinetic study of Mésomasque in C. Bonnet, D. Mrejen and J-J Perrin ‘s Mesotherapy in Aesthetic medicine and general medicine. Mésodiffusion. Limay 2003 ).