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MESOTHERAPYThe injection of a few drops of allopathic or homeopathic medicines in the right places is very effective and allows one to avoid having to ingest the same drugs in tablets or capsule form. This technique is both fast-acting and long-lasting. 

is most frequently used to treat cellulite (meso-drainage or meso-cellulite), stress (meso-stress), alopecia (hair loss), fibrous scars and to help patients quit smoking (meso-tabacco).

A mesolift facial can be either moisturising, line-plumping, or both. Small quantities of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, coenzymes and non-reticulated hyaluronic acid may be injected to nourish, tighten and plump up skin on the face, neck and chest.

Indicative cost of a session (anticipate several sessions):
- Mesodraine: 55 €
- Mesocellulite: 70 €
- Mesolift: depends upon products injected