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Botulinum Toxin - Botox

Botulinum toxin is sold in France under various brand names: Botox®, Dysport®, Vistabel®, Azzalure®, Xeomin®…

It is used to treat:
- frown lines between the brows (glabella),
- forehead lines,
- lines at the corner of the eyes (“crow’s feet”)
- excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

By repeatedly creasing the skin, facial movements such as frowns, blinking and nose wrinkling reinforce the muscles used to complete the action; this is how expression lines develop. Botulinum toxin rejuvenates the face, making it appear more relaxed, serene and rested.

Botulinum toxin is a safe and effective treatment to correct wrinkles. It works by weakening the muscles that cause creases of the upper face, and may be used on men and women of all ages.

The injected toxin is a synthetic product. It starts working in 3-5 days and reaches its peak in 2 weeks. The effect lasts approximately 5 months (4-6 months). If desired, you can then renew the treatment without risk. A simple treatment with long-lasting results.

No advance skin-preparation is required. The injection is painless and thus does not require local anesthesia. It may be combined with hyaluronic acid injections.
The procedure lasts 15 minutes. The doctor injects a few drops of toxins into the solicited muscles.
Two injections per year are usually recommended to keep the muscles at rest.

Side effects are rare. There may be some bruising at the injection site, but it will disappear in a few days and is easily hidden with a little makeup. Occasionally, even when proper precautions are taken during injection procedures, a temporary drooping of the outer brows may occur, but this is a rare event.

At the doses used for injections, Botulinum toxin is not a hazardous substance. It is a thousand times lower than those found in some food poisoning, offering a very wide margin of safety.botox


When treating the entire upper face (crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead), 50 units of product is necessary, at a cost of approximately 400 €. Or:
- 150 to 200 € for 1 zone (frown lines, for example)
- 250 to 300 € for 2 zones (frown lines + forehead, for example)
- 350 to 450 € for 3 zones (frown lines + forehead + crow’s feet, for example)

This is one of aesthetic medicine’s best treatments, with no long- or short-term risk. It provides a curative and preventive effect on expression lines, and is frequently supplemented with hyaluronic acid injections to the furrows and wrinkles of the face. The treatment must be renewed every six months for maximum efficiency. By following these guidelines, all excessive forehead and between-brow stiffness or rigidity may be prevented. Excess is to be avoided, not encouraged.