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This technique is a softer alternative to surgical lifting.

Lifting barbed threads

It has now reached its maturity and has comparable results. It even presents definite advantages for the long threads: no general anaesthetics, no surgical cutting of the skin (thus a respect for the structure), it is reversible, it can be performed again after a few years if necessary and it is cost efficient.

The use of long threads is the best simplicity-efficacy option. (See diagram, photo credit: SOMEREFs). The procedure takes place at the practice, under local anaesthetic; it consists in sliding threads under the skin with a simple needle. The procedure lasts 1 hour, including the final adjustment, to which the patient participates in. The threads are slightly elasticated to accompany the natural facial movements; they are left in place permanently.


3 long threads:

3 long threads 

The technique consists of 3 long threads on each side of the cheeks, lifting upwards and smoothing the entire middle and lower parts of the face. The skin can also be supported by more than 3 threads. The decision is taken between the patient and the doctor: by placing 1 or 2 fingers on the skin on each side of the cheeks and pulling upwards and backwards, each patient can assess the result they wish to achieve by looking in a mirror.

In both procedures, dissolving or permanent threads can be chosen (same price for the patient), knowing that with dissolving threads, the results lasts 1 to 1.5 years, whilst with permanent threads, it lasts a few years (according to the patient’s skin : 2 or 3 years, maximum 5).

The procedures are painless and under local anaesthetic.  Contrary to a surgical lifting, the skin is totally preserved.


For the neck, 2 pairs of threads are usually required. To lift the eyebrows, 1 to 2 pairs are sufficient.

To lift the breasts and buttocks, the threads are specific, adapted to the body.