The practice is equipped with 3 lasers (two lasers and a LIP), permanently on site for hair removal, tattoo removal, treatment of couperosis, brown spots, red spots, inflammatory acne and for Photorejuvenation (photorejuvenation).


Tattoo removal

- by laser (recommended method): the practice is equipped with the all-new NdYag Q-Switched Fatona Starwalker MaQX High Performance Tattoo Laser (increased capability by double fractional technique + NdYag Q-Switched). It is for the moment (June 2017) the only practice equipped in France, besides center of training to teach to other doctors. It eliminates a black tattoo in almost all in just 4 to 8 sessions, so 6 sessions on average, instead of 12 sessions generaly with a classic Q-Switched tattoo laser. Another advantage with this laser is that the interval between 2 sessions is only 4 to 6 weeks, whereas for a conventional Q-Switched tattoo laser it is 2 months. This laser also allows to treat color tattoos, even if it is a little more difficult. Avoid the sun.
Price: about 80 € / session for a small tattoo, 180 € for a medium and 280 € for a large, average 80 - 180 €.

- or non-laser method: TEPR (Trans-Epidermal Pigment Release) which is an alternative. The technique is similar to tattooing with an acid that allows to evacuate the ink. Allow 4 to 8 sessions, one session every 2 months, avoid the sun. This technique eliminates the color problem, but requires local care after each session and presents more risks of poor healing, and sometimes scars. It is also more expensive because the sessions are longer.

What happens during a laser session to remove a professional tattoo:

pdt seance laser detat  
The video above shows a tattoo removal session by laser

What happens just after a 1st laser session to remove an amateur tattoo: 

What happens just after a 1st laser session to remove a professional tattoo: